Thursday, September 29, 2016

Poland as Close to Utopia as I can Imagine!

Why say that? It gives great comfort to one's soul to be among what can be called - one's own. In that, there is a peace and security that can be found no where else; except in the body of Christ.

At this time of year, perhaps because it was during the Fall that I first went to live in Poland, that I am most melancholy as in home sick for Poland. The long shadows I see here in the fields and parks remind me of those encountered in the streets or parks of Warsaw or the woods of Kabaty or the fields of the eastern stepps. Mushroom picking, leaf collecting, crisp air and hot beer or cold even... the smells in the woods and the sculptures of newly naked trees tell of winter, long nights and warm friends.

Its also the time of new ideas, university seminars, meetings with colleagues and students that I miss the most. Its a time to prepare for the holidays, its a time to remember.

What makes Poland nearly a Utopia? The people, the places and the traditions that define, shape and hold together a people in a place!