Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Show Around the House!

When I was in Poland, I was very welcomed. It was amazing to me to be surrounded by all like minded people, all celebrating the same traditions, all sharing the same history, food, language. It is language that is the key to understanding the Polish heart, mind and soul. That is why, Poles encourage all newbies to learn their language. It is their way of 'showing around their house'. In language, is the history, the traditions, the religion, the food like good bread all of which provide a Polish view of the world. There is nothing wrong with that. It is their view and that makes them who they are and are not.

Why should they be what and who they are not? Is it the idea of someone outside of their reality who thinks better than they do. Yes, believe it or not. This is what most people west of the Oder River think. It is the politically correct high minded liberal from the west who comfortably resides and proclaims his/her view of the world to be the right view as if mixing people up is a way to preserve diversity. Such people not only criticize anyone on the other side of that river but anyone who does not agree with them and their world view for today and tomorrow; and, especially their view of world history.

In order to build a more perfect world according to such people, everyone must be like them. Everyone must appreciate their ideas and that means the same ideas of how the world began and where it is going - idea of one world, with one kind of people... the kind that sacrifice their distinct identity for a larger one. Poland was liberated from that years ago when the Soviet Union collapsed. Poles now just want to be who they are, not conform to who they are not which does not suggest intolerance; just integration to be as Polish as possible.

It doesn't sound so bad, after all a world order demands integration which is thought can resolve all conflict in the world. Poles are not out to conform to the world, nor are they out to invade and conquer, nor to control others in order to make others like them. But, if you visit, they will invite you in and show you around their house. And, if you decide to stay or not, you will love their bread.