Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Poland is for Poles!

We built our secret leantu in the woods of Kabaty and played there many an afternoon!

The situation in Poland appears as a looping political quarrel to most of the West that I am sure Brzezinski understands. Poland as 'God's Playground' according to Norman Davis, is once again under scrutiny by the West. The post modern west no longer understands what it means to be one culture, one kind of people with a history, language and way of seeing the world. 
Most of the post modern west is a mish-mash of people and world views. I would have to say that Garton Ash was mistaken in his book "Free World..." concluding that in a free world of the future you are free at home, a European at home in Europe. He was saying that he could be at home in Warsaw comfortable being a European as much as a Pole would be in Warsaw or elsewhere. He took great liberty in that statement and gave much insult to Poles who live in Poland and elsewhere. As if their way of seeing the world was like everyone and anyone else's. 
He was wrong. Today, he and others who were wrong 10 years ago about the future, have their defense in criticism. Yes, a free world is where one is comfortable at home as long as home is theirs to call home. That's what Poles want and what any indigenous culture wants and deserves. And, Poles are open to other people and they will show them around their house.