Thursday, July 17, 2014

Poland, a Place of Tradition and Pierogi

Poland is now being caught up in the global agenda. However, there are many Poles who value Poland as a place of tradition. It is a country where most people are Christian and most people eat pierogi at Christmas and Easter and even everyday.  Not that other foods do not exist. Pizza is very popular but then Poles are sometimes referred to as the Italians of the North. Pizza, hamburgers and Sushi can be bought but when it comes to holidays in Poland, pierogi are still considered a tradition. There is a quietness in tradition. How? It is in knowing something won't change. This knowing gives a person a sense of security, a sense of belonging to a place, to other people in that place. It is a knowing of who you are and are not. It is defining your being this knowing. In that alone, one is quieted, at rest.

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