Tuesday, August 18, 2015

America Should Go the way of Polish School Lunches!

In Poland, kids at school from pre-school through high school get hot lunches and its not pizza. They get a balanced meal and in two courses: soup, followed by meat with potatoes, rice, or pasta plus a side of fresh cooked vegetables including beets and or a simple leafy green salad.

These meals are made at the schools and made fresh everyday. And, if your child cannot eat any of those food items, you send what he/she can have. The school does not cater to a few. Sounds harsh. Its practical and affordable by all.

Why not in America? If a society does not appreciate a home cooked meal over fast food, then its parents won't and neither will their children. Most schools in America serve pizza, hamburgers and fries or on the 'healthy side' mashed potatoes from the box with green beans from can and throw in an apple (or a dab of  applesauce) to make it appear as if they are trying. The rationale for junk food at school is that this is what kids want and will eat.

So, sad this is what we have come to. Make chicken soup and see the delight in your child's eyes that you care. Have them take some to school and let others see how much you care. Maybe their moms as well as teachers and administrators will be encouraged and do the same. The next thing you know, hot lunches will be as good as lunches in Poland!

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