Monday, October 26, 2015

Poland is turning in ~ what does that mean?

Poland is for Poles. Why not? It is their country after all; Poles do speak Polish and are largely Christian. They teach religion in public school. When Poland entered the EU in 2004, there were mixed feelings. Some saw dollars signs and some saw a threat to what it means to be Polish. It is mostly a white country; yet, in the capital of Warsaw you can see more and more different colors. Is it easy to be Polish? No, and its not easy not to be Polish. Poles correct themselves on language and history and everything else that is Polish. Being there, was/is like being submerged, embraced and saturated in Polishness. Was/is that bad? No, not really. Its like jumping into your favorite desert which you never get tired of doing. Could it be bad? Maybe, as long as you don't eat too much and the quality of Polishness remains... it will always be good pudding.

Critics namely, progressives, think that Poland is turning inward. They say that Poles don't like or want change. Why does Poland have to change? Or, why does Poland have to become 'not Polish'?  Progressives worship change and think that it is better than staying where or what you are. They think change is better and yet they can't say why change is better. Where does this idea 'that change is better' come from? It comes from the communist dialetic. As long as we are changing to become what 'progressives' those at the top can control then we are 'good' as in headed toward their ideal world. Have you noticed that communist societies when they reach that ideal they never change anymore (Karl Mannheim observed that); and, why should they, right?  They have arrived at paradise or at least are talking about it and idealizing over it they feel as if they are there. But, in most cases, they never arrive. When the rose colored glasses come off, they see a ruin of society that has lost its identity and morality.

Hopefully, the Poles have not swallowed the progressive lie. God help them if they do.

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